Upcoming festival

27 January 2021 | 14:30 UTC


Get ready, all you 24-hour party people!

PIDapalooza is going online in 2021! We wish we could all be together in person for the fifth (!) festival of persistent identifiers, but we’re excited to bring the world’s largest—and longest—virtual PID party directly to your desk, your couch, your balcony—really, anywhere there’s a strong WiFi signal.

PIDapalooza 2021 will be a 24-hour nonstop PID party happening around the world. PIDapalooza has never been a regular conference and this one will be no different!

The party starts on January 27 at 14:30 UTC (see the time in your location here). Sessions will take place over the course of the following 24 hours.


That's right: we're partying all night long and no matter your time zone, you’ll be able to join in.

Share your story in the PIDapalooza spotlight: propose a session now!


#PIDapalooza21 will feature sessions around the broad theme of PIDs and Open Research Infrastructure, focusing on the following areas:

Theme 1. PIDs 101

For PID beginners! You've got just 30 minutes to get attendees up to speed on a PID or PIDs. Make it fast! Make it fact-filled! Make it fun!

Theme 2. PID Communities International 

Have you always wanted to host a Spanish-language PID session, or bring together PID people in the humanities? Tell us how you'd connect with PID peers around the world!

Theme 3. PID Success Stories 

There's nothing better than hearing about what's working in the PID world—and why! Share your success stories so we can all benefit from them...

Theme 4. PID Party! 

It wouldn't be PIDapalooza without the party sessions, so be creative! Help us make this the best PID party ever!

The program for PIDapalooza 2021 will be coordinated by members of the sponsoring organizations as well as external PID community representatives.

Program review committee
  • Helena Cousijn 

  • Tom Demaranville

  • John Chodacki

  • Alice Meadows

  • Ginny Hendricks

  • Natasha Simons

  • Estelle Cheng

  • Nobuko Miyairi